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Telstra 2G Network Decommissioning

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The Telsra 2G Mobile Network is closing on 1 December 2016. If you have a 2G mobile device or SIM you will need to take action before this date to continue using the Telstra Mobile Network. You will need to do one or more of the following:

• Change the settings on your device
• Upgrade your SIM
• Upgrade your mobile device
• In some instances, you may need to upgrade both your device and SIM card

Once you take the action required, you will have access to our 3G/4G mobile network, which will provide clearer call quality.

After this date, emergency calling will not be possible, unless it is within the network coverage area of another carrier that supports 2G.

If you’re unsure of whether this change will affect you, use the tips below to identify if your SIM, mobile device or network carrier settings can only operate on the 2G network.

How can you tell if you’re affected –
1. Check your SIM card

I. Turn your mobile device off
II. Remove the SIM card
If your SIM card does not have the Next G ™ or T ™ logo on it, then you may have a 2G SIM.

2. Check your mobile device

There are a number of different ways to determine whether your device is compatible with the 3G/4G Telstra Mobile Network:

• If you can see the following icons on your mobile, then your device will work with the 3G/4G network: 3G, H+, 4G or LTE
• Consult the manufacturer’s manual that came with your device
• Follow the steps below to determine which network your mobile supports

1. Go to Settings
2. Go to Network Settings
3. Go to Network Operator or Network Selection
4. Under Network Selection select Manual
5. The device may list several networks. Below is an explanation of the various search results you can expect to find:

Network Available Network name Supported
Telstra Mobile This is Telstra Network: LTE/3G/2G Yes
Telstra 3G or UTMS This is Telstra 3G Network Yes
Next G(3G) This is Telstra 3G Network Yes
Telstra 2G or GSM This is Telstra 2G Network NO

If the only Telstra Network listed is Telstra 2G or GSM, then you’ll need to upgrade your device.


3. Mobile network settings

If you’ve found that your device and SIM card are both compatible with the 3G/4G network, the last thing to check is that your mobile settings allow you to use their 3G/4G capabilities.Check that your device network mode is set to Automatic by accessing ‘Settings’ or ‘Network Settings’ on your mobile.

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