Billing Questions

Listed are some of the frequently asked questions to help with our latest invoice and new style.

Q: Why is the invoice value higher than normal ?

A: This first invoice under the new system is higher than normal as it contains charges for more than one month.

It contains the charge from when you came back online to the end of the month (May) plus the normal month in advance (June).

Q: Have I been charged for when the service was offline ?

A: No, We have not charged you for when services were out last month but only from when they came back online.

Q: I’m on the Bundle and it shows line rental being charged ?

A: That’s simply the way the new invoices are displaying charges. Your total amount is still the normal bundle price $99.

Q: Why does it show a News South Wales return address on the invoice or a different name to Montimedia?

A: With our change to a new carrier we also had to change our billing systems. Their payment gateway that we now use to process payments is based in Sydney.

Q: I normally pay by credit card and you normally just take the payment ?

A: With our change to a new payment provider we are not allowed by law to transfer any of your credit information. With that you can simply login to your new Account Toolbox by going to and adding your card directly into your account information.

Q: I see there are charges for using a Credit Card now ?

A: There are no credit card surcharges for Direct Debit from your credit card or for this first invoice for individual payments.

Q: I can’t access my new Account Toolbox ?

A: Access to your new customer portal is by using your new customer account number – listed on the top right of your new invoice and your old password. If you don’t have that you can request a new one from the login page.