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NBN Fixed Wireless Trials

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Montimedia is please to announce the ongoing successful NBN Fixed Wireless trials being conducted in surrounding Ballarat areas. We are pleased with the process of connecting our customers as well as the overall quality of the service. Our commercial rollout will commence within the fortnight.

Cold Call Virus Scam Update

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Update from Stay Smart Online:

Computer cold call virus scam update – scammers change tactics.

Scammers are always quick to adapt to changing circumstances.

Following international efforts by agencies to close down the infamous ‘Microsoft imposter scam‘, reported earlier this month, examples of scammers responding with new approaches have been noted.

More info at Stay Smart Online:!

MMNET Hoax Email Scams

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Beware of hoax emails designed to look like they’ve come from Montimedia. We will never send emails that request you to enter your personal information or redirect you to logon to any other site.

Montimedia will never send emails to you requesting you to enter any of your personal information.

Some hoax emails are poorly worded and may contain grammatical and spelling errors.

Be very cautious of any email that asks you to reply with or enter your personal details no matter how real it looks. Do not click on any links or open any attachments within the content of the e-mail.

A recent hoax email was distributed on the 11th October, 2012, and specifically refers to  YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNT SPACE for your email account. Please See Below.

If you have accidently responded to this hoax email and sent your email settings please contact support immediately on 1300 79 49 69 to change your email password IMMEDIATELY.

Thank You

Montimedia Support


—–Original Message—–
From: Montimedia & mTelecom []
Sent: Thursday, 11 October 2012 8:07 AM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: Confirm Email Update

This message was sent automatically by a program on Webmail which
periodically checks the size of inboxes, where new messages are
received. The program is run weekly to ensure no one’s inbox grows
too large. If your inbox becomes too large, you will be unable to
receive new email. Just before this message was sent, you had 18
Megabytes (MB) or more of messages stored in your inbox on your
Webmail To help us re-set your SPACE on our database prior to
maintain your INBOX, you must reply to this e-mail and enter your:

Username {………..}

and Password  {…………..}

You will continue to receive this warning message periodically,
If your inbox size grows to 20 MB, then a program on Bates Webmail
will move your oldest email to a folder in your home directory to
ensure that you will continue to be able to receive in coming email.
You will be notified by email that this has taken place. If your
inbox grows to 25 MB, you will be unable to receive new email as
it will be returned to the sender. After you read a message, it is
best to REPLY and SAVE a copy.

Thank you for your cooperation
Montimedia & mTelecom

Naked DSL Bonus

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[PLAN UPDATE] Our Naked DSL service now includes unlimited mobile calls. So that’s Unlimited fast DSL, Unlimited local, national & mobile within Australia – all for $89.95. If your exchange is enable for this product it is an amazing deal – our best deal in fact for a total bundle.

New Website

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We have launched the new Montimedia website and we hope you like it. It will be evolving over the next 2 weeks as we add further enhancements so we do appreciate your patience during this time. Please do report any instances of broken links or other problems you may find – we’re good but not perfect!

New Offices

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Head Office Relocation

Montimedia has moved headquarters to 214 Mair Street, Ballarat 3350

All contact points and support numbers remain the same.

Postal address has changed to PO Box 116, Ballarat VIC 3350

Same Great Service, Same Great People, Still Super Friendly – Different Location!

If you have any questions please just email us at

NBN Trial Customers Wanted

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We’re looking for residents in the areas surrounding Ballarat VIC to participate in a trial of the NBN Fixed Wireless service.

Go to and enter your postcode – if you live in the highlighted areas on the map at (both purple and orange areas), and are interested in participating in a trial of the NBN Fixed Wireless service (including standard installation and 2 months free access), please call us on 1300 794 969 or visit us at 214 Mair Street, Ballarat (between Lydiard St Nth and Armstrong St Nth).

If you have friends who might be interested, please tell them about us.

The Montimedia Team

Montimedia is Moving

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After 7 years of serving the community from our Daylesford office Montimedia is stretching its wings to move to larger premises in central Ballarat. Our new address from 13 August, 2012 will be 214 Mair Street, Ballarat – located between Armstrong Street North & Lydiard Street North.

Daylesford & Hepburn will always be home to some of my team and I, but just as the inevitable happens with teenagers leaving home to explore the world, so too must Montimedia leave the roost.

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