Changes to Email-Only Charges


To all Montimedia customers,

Our email service to clients has unfortunately become problematic.
In this day and age, we are constantly dealing with spam attacks, DDOS issues and hacking from international locations.
Maintaining our servers and software, and keeping our system secure, is now a job that requires 24/7 monitoring.
With this in mind, we have made substantial changes to the manner and way we deliver our email services.
However, this has come at a cost and unfortunately, we cannot absorb all of these.


As of the March 2020 Billing Period, the Email-Only account charge will increase to $9.95 including GST. This charge covers the SpamProtect filtering service, basic Tech Support and a total of 5 email addresses per charge.

This also applies for customers utilizing our Yearly ($119.40/year), Half-Yearly ($59.70/half), and Quarterly ($29.85/quarter) Email-Only plans.


If you would like to avoid the above charges, we can provide a total of 5 free email addresses if you have other services with us (e.g. an NBN service or mobile service)*.

For more information on our NBN plans, feel free to check them out here:

Montimedia NBN Plans

*Monthly services must exceed $20/month to be eligible.


If your account is on Direct Debit, no payment surcharges apply; otherwise, our normal surcharges will be added to the account.
These surcharges are outlined on the first or second page of your invoice.
Any account that remains unpaid 7 days after the due date will attract our overdue fee and restrictions.
If you would like to add Direct Debit to your account, please call 1300 794 969 and select the options to speak to a member of Customer Care.


Thank you for the time taken to read this notification and we appreciate the business that you all do with our Australian-owned and -operated company.

Yours Faithfully,

Barry Ford
Managing Director