Changes to Email-Only Quotas

To all Montimedia customers,


Furthermore to our previous advice in April 2020 about Email storage and quotas, please see the following.

As of the July 2020 Billing Period, email accounts exceeding 250 MB in size will be charged as follows:

500 MB $19.95 $59.85 $119.70 $239.40
750 MB $24.95 $74.85 $149.70 $299.40
1000 MB $29.95 $89.85 $179.70 $359.40


If your email quota is not listed above, the email quota will be increased to the nearest value on the list if under 1000 MB in size.

Anything over 1000 MB will be rounded down to 1000 MB by default.
You must reduce your usage below 1000 MB to continue to receive emails once this change takes effect.


If you have an email account exceeding 250 MB in size and would like to avoid the above charges, we can change your email quota to 250 MB at your request.

We provide 250 MB email accounts free-of-charge when bundled with other services*, or at $9.95/month when part of an Email-Only account.

*Monthly services must exceed $20/month to be eligible, bundle limited to 5 email accounts.


Please contact Montimedia Customer Care by phone or by email if you would like to make this change.
After this change takes effect, you will need to ensure you have cleaned up your inbox below 250 MB in order to continue receiving emails.


If your account is on Direct Debit, no payment surcharges apply; otherwise, our normal surcharges will be added to the account.

These surcharges are outlined on the first or second page of your invoice.
Any account that remains unpaid 7 days after the due date will attract our overdue fee and restrictions.

If you would like to add Direct Debit to your account, please call 1300 794 969 and select the options to speak to a member of Customer Care.


Thank you for the time taken to read this notification and we appreciate the business you do with our Australian-owned and -operated company.

Yours Faithfully,
Barry Ford
Managing Director