Changes to Forwarders and Autoresponders


To all Montimedia customers,

Furthermore to our previous advice in February and May 2020 about changes to email services, please see the following.

As of the August 2020 Billing Period, accounts with Email Forwarders and/or Autoresponders but no other services will now be charged.

The charges will be set to $59.40/year by default and will only be provided in annual intervals.

This can be changed to $4.95/month if you choose to set up Direct Debit with us.
If you would like to add Direct Debit to your account, please call 1300 794 969 and select the options to speak to a member of Customer Care.

If your account is on Direct Debit, no payment surcharges apply; otherwise, our normal surcharges will be added to the account.
These surcharges are outlined on the first or second page of your invoice.
Any account that remains unpaid 7 days after the due date will attract our overdue fee and restrictions.

Thank you for the time taken to read this notification and we appreciate the business you do with our Australian-owned and -operated company.

Yours Faithfully,

Barry Ford
Managing Director