Critical Information Summaries

The Montimedia Internet Critical Information Summaries contain detailed information about our products and services in plain and easy to understand language.

They are provided here to help you make a correct and informed choice when selecting our products.

You may view on screen or download a copy of the relevant Critical Information Summary in PDF format to your computer.

If you have any questions pertaining to these summaries please give our Customer Support Representatives a call on 1300 79 49 69 or send an email and we can go through them with you.

  1. Home Phone
  2. Mobile Phone Plans
  3. Better Choice ADSL Plans
  4. NBN Limitless Plans
  5. NBN Voice Add-ons
  6. NBN Voice-Only Plans
  7. Mobile Broadband
  8. Better Choice ADSL Bundles
  9. Radio Offer ADSL Bundle