Domain Names

Why should I register a Domain name?

Registering a Domain Name is your first step to your company’s online presence!

There are many reasons why companies register Domain Names.

Some companies are keen to register a name and build a web site straight away, others just to have a professional email address that represents them on the Internet.

Companies may also register a name and keep it for future use, or to protect Brands/Trademarks.

Which Domain name should I register?

To gain the best advantage on the Internet you should consider registering your company name as well as any abbreviations. Abbreviations are very important if you have a long business name.

A three letter Domain name like is far easier to remember than a long domain name.

It can help when customers want to visit or revisit your site, that you have a short easy to remember domain name.

I am an Australian business owner, should I register a , or .com Domain name?

A name is certainly the flagship of Australian Domain Names. It is well recognised by Australian consumers, who instantly identify that companies bearing the suffix are Australian Companies and have passed the eligibility to hold a Domain Name.

Registering name can certainly help with your marketing efforts. It can also be an excellent choice if the or .com name you want is registered by another company.

The .com suffix is certainly one of the most recognised suffixes in the world. If your business wants to trade and compete on a world scale then a .com name will help brand you as an international organisation.

Many businesses choose to register all three (, .com) to protect their trademark or to assist in their on-line and off-line marketing efforts.

If for example you owned, but the main website you have is Users could find your web site at all three of these addresses.

Montimedia offers free URL forwarding on all domain names so you could “Point” the .com and Domain Names to the website.

This means that if a customer accidentally typed in instead of it would automatically redirect your client to the correct site.

Domain Name Pricing

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Why register more than one domain name?

Registering more than one domain name has a number of advantages.

Read the following for some ideas.

  • If you register your business name (eg you can also register other names that people may search for you under.In the above example you may sell light bulbs, so you might register well.Having more than one domain name does help you in getting better positioning in Search Engines, like Google.
  • Many web sites employ multiple domain names so they can direct users that are interested in a particular product straight to the page about that product in their main web site.
  • Protect your brand on the Internet:

If you register you should also register

The subtle difference is not always obvious, don’t have your competitor getting traffic that should be destined for your web site!

Guidelines for Australian Domain Names