Email Security Tip

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In the interests of protecting the privacy of all our customers we would like to remind you of the importance of regularly updating your passwords.

To assist with this regime and as part of our ongoing security procedures we would advise customers to change email and account passwords at least every 90 days.

To change your password now, whilst logged into your members area:

– Click on the Services tab
– Next to your internet service username, click “View”
– Scroll to the bottom and click “Manage Email”(Ensure that you go all the way to the bottom to “manage email”, do not change the password under the heading “Login Info” – that is the password for your Internet and is only stored in your modem. If you change that password it will prevent your internet from working)
– Next to your email address, click “Edit”
– Type in your new password into the password field (Please use letters and numbers and ensure the password is unique)
– Click “Update POP”

The next time you will press send and receive on your email program, you should be asked to enter your new password. If you login via webmail, simply enter your new password to gain access.

Kind Regards

The Montimedia Support Team

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