General Email Settings

For users of Montimedia Email Accounts

If you have email accounts for any of the following domains:

Mail Settings:

Server Type: POP3

Display Name:  The display name for your sent messages (typically your Full name) Eg: Fred Smith

Logon/User name:  Your full email address Eg:

Incoming Server

Server Address:    *Please Note – Substitute the domain name that corresponds to your email address. For example if your email address is use


Clear text

Outgoing Server

Server Address:
Outgoing Server Requires Authentication
Username: Same as incoming – your full email address
Password: Same as incoming
Port: 26

The next step:

Once you have configured your mail client, you will need to configure a couple of settings to ensure you don’t exceed your mailbox usage quota.  These instructions for how to do this are found here


For Users of Hosted Domains

If you have your own domain, for example an address such as: you can use Montimedia outgoing server to send your mail.

Outgoing Server Settings


Port: 26

Requires Authentication

Username: your full email address or other montimedia domain from the list above

Password:  Your Montimedia email password.


Webmail Login


Click the link provided above and enter your username (email address) and password (email password)

We recommend using Horde as your webmail client as it’s the easiest one of the bunch of applications to use.