Mobile Broadband

Montimedia Mobile Broadband Plans & Pricing

Plan Min Monthly Cost Monthly Data Excess Data
Extra Small 3GB $20.00 ($0.0066 per MB) 3 GB $0.03
Small 6GB $30.00 ($0.005 per MB) 6 GB $0.03
Medium 10GB $40.00 ($0.004 per MB) 10 GB $0.03
Large 30GB $60.00 ($0.002 per MB) 30 GB $0.03
Extra Large 50GB $70.00 ($0.0014 per MB) 50 GB $0.03
Mobile Broadband Hardware
TP-Link Wireless N – 4G LTE Router $199.00
SIM Activation Fee $0
Modem Postage $0

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Micro-SIM for iPad & Tablet PC’s

Need a SIM only plan for your Apple iPad or Tablet PC?. Just select from one of our Mobile Broadband plans and away you go. BYO hardware means NO CANCELLATION FEES or PENALTIES making these plans ideal for broadband on the go.

Mobile Broadband Specific Additional Information

For all MONTHLY plans, usage over the plan allowance is charged at 3 cents per MB. Data usage is calculated for both downloads and uploads. Data usage will be counted in megabytes where 1 Megabyte (MB) = 1000 Kilobytes (KB). Any unused data cannot be rolled over. Usage can be checked online via you account Toolbox and threshold messages are sent via email at 50%, 80% and 100% of usage.

Other Important Information

  • You may change plans (upgrade only – not downgrade) for free for the following billing cycle.
  • Unused usage cannot be rolled over to the following month.
  • The service will be continued month by month until cancelled.
  • Disconnection fees only apply to contract plans.
  • You cannot downgrade to a lower plan.
  • Mobile Broadband is designed for portability and as such the speeds available to a particular Wireless customer are affected by many factors and may be limited by geographical or architectural features. Actual speed rates are not guaranteed.

This Wireless service is provided as is and does not include a service guarantee. As such, there is no “cooling off” period included and the service does not meet any minimum specification. This includes (but is not limited to) coverage, the speed of the service and the consistent uptime of the service.