Mobile Chat ‘N’ Text

Our New Mobile Chat ‘N’ Text plans are ready to go.

These new SIM only plans come with included calls and SMS to standard Australian numbers along with unlimited access to Facebook, Twitter & MySpace



Montimedia utilizes the Optus 3G network for the excellent coverage it provides. The Optus 3G Network also allows users to do things such as make video calls, access wireless broadband, internet browsing, send picture messages and video streaming. The Optus 3G network covers 97% of the Australian population. The 3G network is constantly being expanded to provide further coverage across Australia.

These Mobile Chat ‘N’ Text plans are a great addition to our existing services and provides you with exceptional value mobile plans that you can have with or without bundling your current ADSL or Home Phone.

Choose from any of our plans below.


  • Reseller plans


  • Chat 30


    /Month x Month*
    • Calls $200 Standard Included Call Value
    • SMS Included in the $200 call value
    • Included Data 200 MB
    • Contract 0 Months
    • Handset BYO
  • Chat N Text 50


    /Month x Month*
    • Calls $500 Standard Included Call Value
    • SMS 6000 National and International
    • Included Data 1 GB
    • Contract 0 Months
    • Handset BYO
  • Chat N Text 60


    /Month x Month*
    • Calls $650 Standard Included Call Value
    • SMS 6000 National and International
    • Included Data 1.5 GB
    • Contract 0 Months
    • Handset BYO


Download the Full Monty Mobile Critical Information Summary

What is Included

These plans give you included calls and SMS to standard Australian numbers. If you are calling or texting a ‘special’ number, you’ll need to check the price of that number (which should be advertised where the number is shown).

Call Types
National Rates International rates
Standard TXT (SMS within Australia) 25c per 160 characters 25c per 160 characters
Picture TXT (MMS) 50c per 160KB 50c per 160KB
Call connection fee
this is charged on every call made
35c per call 35c per call
Standard Voice Calls (Standard fixed line & mobile within Australia) Unlimited Click International Rates to view
Standard Video Calls 99c per minute
Other Calling Rates
13, 1300, 18, 1800 numbers Included in call value
Voicemail retrieval Unlimited
Excess data 25c per MB


Other Important Information

All calls are billed per 60 seconds.

Unlimited “Social Networks” gives you unlimited mobile access to Facebook, Twitter and myspace. It is only available within Australia and only if accessed via the Sites respective mobile websites or official applications for compatible handsets from the Sites. Access via any other means including 3rd party applications are accessed at standard data pricing. Standard data charges will apply for any external links accessed via the Sites. Excludes social media SMS or other alert services set up by you. Subject to handset compatibility and capability.

Does not include International numbers or any other Special Calls.

These plans are SIM only – that is you can bring along your existing phone and simply switch over to Montimedia.

These plans are designed for personal use and not intended for commercial use.

Optus Mobile Fair Go Policy applies.

Excess Data 25 cents per MB – data is billed per KB

Fees are inclusive of GST and GST rounding applies.

Access fees are charged in advance and are subject to a pro rata calculation in your first and last month of activation.

You may change plans (upgrade only – not downgrade) throughout your contract for the following billing cycle. Unused usage cannot be rolled over to the following month. After the initial contract has expired the service will be continued month by month until cancelled. 30 days notice of cancellation is required in writing. Early disconnection fees apply on Contract services – Fee is calculated by Monthly Plan Fee x Remaining Months of Term x 50%

If you cancel the Service before the minimum Term ends, you must pay back any discounts or special offers you received to sign up for that Term.

Montimedia reserves the right to immediately pass on any supplier price increase with 5 days notice.

The speeds available to a particular 3G Mobile service are affected by many factors, and actual speed rates are not guaranteed.

When overseas, International Data Roaming usage charges apply as extra (for charges please refer to

International Roaming is turned off by default with every new service. This can be activated by calling our Support team. Things you need to be aware of with International Roaming can be found here ACMA International Mobile Roaming.

Unlimited mobile access to Facebook®, Twitter, MySpace: Unlimited use of these services within Australia only. Use of these services is separate and does not count towards your included “Mobile Internet Data Value”. These features are only available to you if your handset is compatible with the service. Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook Inc. Use of the Facebook SMS alert service or any other social media alert service are not included as part of the service and will be charged separately. Twitter and the Twitter logo are trademarks of Twitter Inc. MySpace Mobile: Requires an existing MySpace account. All rights reserved