National Outage & Carrier Migration

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Well what a week! Probably one of the worst ever for my team (they rock by the way) and me personally. If you get the chance tell them – they deserve all the accolades in what has been a very trying week for them and you – our very special customers who have stood by us and allow us to continue to provide services to.

Everyone knows what happened by now and our heads are still spinning – there’s a way to go yet in getting this completely resolved.

It was a mammoth task moving our first group of services comprising ADSL, Home Phone and NBN. Dial, Mobile, Mobile Broadband and Email will be our next big challenge but we will keep you posted by email about what is happening. Our new carrier team have been awesome. They have been attentive to our needs in this time of crisis and the network is already proving to be much more stable and of better quality which should be noticeable.

We failed on a couple of counts – not being able to properly attend to the daily 900 plus emails and 350 SMS messages and 130 ish voicemail messages in a timely manner – I am truly sorry if we missed getting back to you in time but we all really worked out backsides off trying.

The other was that we weren’t able to provide estimated times for service restoration – this probably wasn’t a failure on our part but really a part of the system of provisioning services itself – we just couldn’t get details from our new carrier due tot he workload – you have to remember this affected some 60,000 customers across the country so they were pretty busy.

Some folks were naturally upset with us and we don’t blame them but even if we had 50 people on 50 phones in front of 50 computers we would have still had problems – it was just that kind of catastrophic scenario we were dealing with – one we could not have planned for.

Where are we at?

We are down to the last 120 odd ADSL connections to be sorted. Some of these delays are due to our new carrier network (Telstra) having a slightly different (better) method of performing service qualifications. In other words they are little more fussy about making sure the network can adequately carry the best possible signal to your premises so it takes a bit longer to sort these that are perhaps not up to scratch. We are hoping to have these issues resolved on Monday with a better idea of when they will be online.

We are yet to move Billing, Dial, Mobile, Mobile Broadband and Email to our new network. This will be happening next week from Monday 12th onwards. Updates will be sent via email.


We obviously won’t be billing customers for the period that services were not active. From that and with our new Billing platform your advance charges usually billed on the 3rd of the month for things like phone line rental and ADSL will not be billed to you on or around the 29th of the month. That bill will have a pro-rata amount from when you came back online to the end of the billing cycle plus the forward months charges as always.

We have discussed this to be the fairest and easiest method to get around the billing anomaly of being without a service for a period of time.

If we don’t get it quite right please do let us know and we’ll fix up any errors right away for you.

Thank you

We do genuinely appreciate your patience and understanding whilst we undergo this carrier change and hope that you will give us an opportunity to continue to provide you with the best possible service.

We have learned from this event and will use it to drive improvements for the future.

It’s an honor to serve you. As always, please call us 1300 79 49 69 — anytime, for any reason.

Thank you

Richard Monty
Montimedia Internet



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