Nationwide Outage Updates

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Tuesday 7:19pm

More and more services are coming back online which is great. Folks are calling us to advise their phone services are back.

If yours isn’t back yet please be patient – it is happening. ADSL is happening as we speak.

It is difficult for us to give you an exact ETA on the full restoration of services as you can imagine. We also worry that if we give you a time and it doesn’t eventuate for whatever reason then we have compounded the issue somewhat.

Rest assure we have all been working hard with our carrier and they have worked hard for us – we are a priority with them.

We also really just want to thank you for your patience, understanding and the massive amount of kind words – it has made us feel that we must be doing something right – even in this rotten situation.

Please do remember that rather than considering switching provider it’s best to wait it out – it will simply take longer to reconnect if you decide that course of action.

We are fully with you and are working hard to get this all resolved.

If you do call please remember to give us your mobile number as we are finding it easier and faster to get messages out this way

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

The Montimedia Team.



Monday 10:25am

We have worked with our new carrier all weekend and completed the data entry late last night. The carrier has worked hard for us and we are a priority. We are now in their hands – regarding timing – phones should come back first then ADSL customers after that.

Please do understand that at this point it will be prudent to wait rather than move at this stage as it will take longer to move – we have checked this and it is a fact – we’re not just spinning you a line.

We fully understand the gravity of the situation and the pressure this is placing upon you and some businesses.

Regarding timing – we just don’t want to give false hope or more importantly we don’t want to give wrong information. So we are just not committing to a exact time for being back on-line just at this point.

Please do hang on.

If you can please advise a mobile number if we don’t have one yet as we are finding it easier and faster to get messages out this way to customers.

Thank you once again for your patience.

Richard Monty



Sunday 09:50am

All data entry of services is being completed today. It’s all hands on deck to get this sorted as quickly as possible.

We should have a better idea of completion times after all this is completed.

We also have on board folks from our new carrier helping with answering messages and speaking with customers – now that’s service for you!.

Both my new carrier and my team understand the urgency of this situation and are doing everything we can to get things back up and running.

Please bear with us during this time.

Richard Monty



Saturday 4.42pm

Please take a look at:

I can assure all our customers that this had nothing to do with our business and the article reinforces that for us as well.

Regardless please be patient and we will get through this and have you back on line soon.

Richard Monty


We were informed late last night that the reason for the outage is that our principle carrier and supplier have got themselves into financial difficulty and didn’t advise us. The outage is not due to any issues with the Montimedia Internet business at all.

Digging deeper we have found that this has been going on for a month or so.

From this Montimedia is currently moving to a new bigger and better carrier. We’ll be working all weekend to get all of our customers back online and phone lines working again.

We’ve signed off on the new carrier so we will be better positioned for our future supply and have you back online.

This is the first time in our history that there has been a major issue of supply of service and is not indicative of how we generally serve our customers.

We appreciate your patience and understanding whilst we undergo this change.

Richard Monty


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