New Email Server Settings

As part of our recent switch to a new carrier we will need to migrate your email account to a new mail server on the 21st May, 2014 from 10pm. This is a straightforward process for us with little impact to your mail service but you will need to be aware of a couple of minor changes.

The first of these minor changes is to do with your email account settings. Your email address is NOT changing in any way – the change is simply to your settings for how you retrieve and send mail.

We understand that we have just put you through a painful mess of change with this recent carrier outage and subsequent new carrier transfer but we really need to move your mail away from its current location to our new servers in order to provide you with better security and to deliver a better email service to you.

The change to your email settings in your email client will need to be made last thing on the 21st May, 2014. Do not make these changes until that time otherwise you may not be able to send and receive email.

If you only accessed email via the web you will have a new location to go to login.

If you accessed mail only via our webmail or stored mail on the server for whatever reason this mail will not be coming over to the new server. You will be able to access old mail for a short period of time after the change but we encourage you to download any old email being stored on the old server as soon possible after the switch.


Accessing Old Email

If for some reason you have not been able to download any old stored email you should still be able to access it for a short period of time from the old server.

To access old email this can only be done via the web by going to:

Login using your current username (email address) and password as before.


New Settings from 21st May, 2014

The new settings that are required to be changed are:

Incoming Mail Settings:

No changes required

Outgoing Mail Settings:
Outgoing Server Requires Authentication
Username: Same as incoming – your full email address
Password: Same as incoming – same as it’s always been
Port: 26


Access via the Web


Click the link provided above and enter your username (email address) and password (email password)

We recommend using Horde as your webmail client as it’s the easiest one of the bunch of applications to use.


If you would like to Auto-Configure your email client click on “Configure Mail Client”:


Now you can click on the link for your particular email client.

(Please note: Not every email client is supported by the automatic configuration process. If you do not see your client listed here, please use the manual settings located at the bottom of the page or call Technical Support for assistance.


If you have tried to make the changes yourself and find you need more help please call our Support team on  1300 79 49 69.

It may be a little hectic over the time of transfer but if we can’t get to you right away we will call you back.

You will receive another reminder 2 days prior to the change occurring but please do NOT make any changes until close of business Wednesday the 21st of May.

As always, we appreciate your business and understanding during this time of improvement and change.


Montimedia Customer Care Team