New Support Assistance

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Part of our recent switch to a new carrier meant that we also receive additional support in terms of staff available to service the massive amount of calls we are getting due to this recent carrier event.

Wen you call our main number you will now be directed to a central point where the call can either be sent to Customer Care or straight to Technical Support.

This is certainly a different way to how we have been managing over the past 8 years, but I have taken this direction to better service you and see it as a positive thing that we can resolve any support matters much faster than ever before.

A bonus with this is that Support hours are now extended on weekdays and Saturday and we can for the first time offer some Sunday support as well.

The support calls are routed to Sydney where a wonderful and very helpful team of professionals will help you sort any technical problems related to your services with us.

I would welcome any feedback about this change to at any time.

Once again, thank for your understanding during this time of change and improvement.

Richard Monty


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