What’s Happening Now

Well as mentioned in my recent email it’s been quite a fortnight. Probably one of the worst ever for you, my team and me personally regarding your home phone and internet service with us.

I would like to thank each and every one of you for sticking with us – first through the issue with long distance calls and then through this issue of having the rug totally pulled from under us. I can assure you that an event of this scale was not something any business could have prepared for.

Much has been written about this disaster in the press and it did infact affect 60,000 services across Australia. The short version is that Conec2 – the parent company for iBoss International, our supplier, got into financial difficulty and very quickly went into Administration – leaving us and another 100 service providers without a supply or the ability to seek an alternative.

We’ve since decided to partner with a publicly listed carrier that comes with many more benefits but more importantly much more stability and security along with being back onto the biggest, the most solid and the most reliable Telstra network.

What’s happening next?

With the move to our new carrier there is going to have to be some procedural changes to things like billing, email and operational support. Some of you may have already been speaking with our new support folks that are here to help with the mammoth task of ensuring you are well looked after. We simply couldn’t do it all on our own given the size and scope of what has occurred and huge the task ahead of us.

I fully understand that you have just had a major change with your service and the last thing we wish to do is make any more changes but we all felt that that band aid was best ripped right off so we can wrap all these changes required as quickly as possible.


Nothing much is changing with email but we do need to migrate your account over to a new server.

One of the changes we are required to make moving over to our new carrier is a change of mail server.

This means transferring your account, but not any old email you may have stored actually on our server. Most folks store email on the server if they only use Webmail to send and receive email.

You will still have access to your old stored email for a short period of time after the move. Instructions on how to access old email will be provided on 21/5/2014.

The migration is due to commence at the close of business 21/5/2014.

To get a sneak peek of the new settings you may check here but please do not make any changes until 21/5/2014.

New Dial-Up Number

For all our dial-up customers this change to a new carrier also means an update your dial-up number on the 22nd May, 2014.

The new National Dial-up Number is 0198 333 067

Dial-Up User Name Settings

Your user name and password for your dial-up account will NOT be changing at all – do not alter this.

The change to your dial-up number will need to be made last thing on the 22nd May, 2014 or when you next dial in to our servers. Do not make these changes until that time otherwise you may not be able to dial in to our network.

For more information on how to change your dial-up number on various operating systems click here.

Account Toolbox

With our new carrier comes a new Account Toolbox and customer portal. Right now the existing portal is partially working so you may not be able to view data usage until we move over to the new platform.


You have not or will not be charged for the period that you were down. Due to the timing of this event some folks may have already been billed in advance as usual. We will arrange for a credit to be placed onto your account in the next billing run for the period you were not online.

We will be moving to a new billing platform over the next 2 weeks. This won’t affect you too much but there will be a new style invoice coming and other minor changes.

We still have some billing from last month to complete which will be completed by 15/5/14 – but there are no forward charges per our normal billing cycle usually performed on the 3rd of the month at all.

We naturally won’t be billing customers for the period that services were not active.  Your advance charges usually billed on the 3rd of the month for things like phone line rental and ADSL will be billed to you on or around the 29th of the month. That bill will have a pro-rata amount from when you came back online to the end of the billing cycle plus the forward month’s charges as always. Your first new look invoice will be a little higher due to that – no other reason.

We have figured this to be the fairest and easiest method to get around the billing anomaly of being without a service for a period of time.

Please, Please,  if we don’t get it quite right please do let us know and we’ll fix up any errors or mistakes right away for you.

Thank you

Again, I do genuinely appreciate your patience and understanding whilst we undergo these improvements and changes and hope that you will give us an opportunity to continue to provide you with the best possible service.

We have learned from this event and will definitely use it to drive improvements for the future.

It’s an honor to serve you. As always, please call us 1300 79 49 69 — anytime, for any reason.

Thank you.

Richard Monty