Service Speed Rating

All ADSL services are provided as Internet Grade “Best Efforts” service where speed limits are implemented as per the individual user.

Individual users on all Internet Grade services are allowed to connect at the best possible downstream speed on their line with line speed set at the maximum downstream rate.

The following table details the minimum requirements in relation to the Internet Grade services for which any speed obtained is greater than the acceptable speed listed is ‘not’ considered a fault and cannot reported as a speed related fault.


ADSL Line transmission rate
Acceptable Downstream Speed in Kilobytes per second (speed per kilobits per second in brackets)
Acceptable Upstream Speed in Kilobytes per second (speed per kilobits per second in brackets)
17 (138 kbps)
39 (312 kbps)
110 (880 kbps)
17 (138 kbps)
Up to 20Mb/s
110 (880 kbps)
17 (138 kbps)

The above specifications are governed by our infrastructure suppliers to which Montimedia are bound to for the speed fault lodgement process.

Other Factors

  • The data rates available to a particular ADSL customer (especially 8Mb ADSL) are affected by many factors, and some by quite significant amounts. These include:
  • The length of copper wire from the exchange.
  • The number of, and type of, other services being used over copper pairs in the same cable by other customers.
  • The configuration and line quality of the copper wire pair between the exchange and the customer’s premises.
  • Electrical interference from outside sources (such as electric motors).
  • The configuration of the copper wiring within the customer’s premises.
  • The software configuration and application on the customer’s computer (in particular how it uses the uplink back to the exchange).
  • The customer’s hardware or modem.
  • The capacity of, load on, and access data rate of the destination host computer which the customer is accessing.

Account Usage Information

Download usage may be checked online via your Account Toolbox

Please note that the usage meter can take up to 3 hours to register downloads made through your service. Every month, your usage resets on your ‘anniversary date’ – the day of the month on which your account was first enabled.

If you have any questions regarding your service please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form and we will get back to you.