Montimedia Internet offers you a dial-up Internet plan to suit the highest demands of a dial up situation. Dial-up Services are available Australia Wide, wherever there is an available telephone connection.

If ADSL is not available and you use the Internet to regularly check your emails and browse the web, our Dialup plans are just for you.

Plan Summaries

Plan Dial-Up Limited Dial-Up Express
Plan Fee: $18.95/month $9.95/month
Time Caps: 8 Hours 4 Hours
Data Caps: Unlimited 70MB
Excess Data: N/A 10¢ per MB
Service Cap: N/A $23.95
Setup charge: Free Free
Line speed: 56kps
Single access number nationally: Yes
Email addresses: 2
Email SPAM filter: Free
Web Mail: Free

1. Important Information

All dial-up services have a 4 hour session timeout. This means upon connection you may stay connected for up to a maximum of 4 hours before your connection will be dropped. You can then re-connect straight away. This provides adequate sharing of connections for all customers.

Credit Card is the preferred method for monthly payments.

The service can also be invoiced on a quarterly basis, paid in advance.

Dial Up services are non-refundable.

You must be 18 years old or over to connect to a Montimedia internet service


2. Additional Notes

Dial Up account application notes

When you apply for a dial up account, you should be aware of certain obligations and conditions once the order form is received by Montimedia.

Firstly, please be aware that when you sign the application form you are signing to say that you acknowledge and accept the Montimedia Terms and Conditions. Please call us if you would like any help interpreting theses documents.


Montimedia recommends monthly credit card payments as any requested changes to services (such as changing Plan) can only be actioned at the start of the next billing period, as per our Terms and Conditions. Also, if selecting quarterly invoicing, the first quarterly service charge plus activation fee and any hardware charges must be paid in full before Montimedia can activate the service – please talk to us if you require further information.

For monthly accounts, the setup fee, hardware and first monthly fee will be charged to your Credit Card upon service activation. Montimedia accepts cash, cheque, money orders and major credit cards to pay an invoice. Montimedia services are non-refundable.


Tax invoices, Montimedia News & Updates are sent to your Montimedia email address.
Please refer to the configuration sheet (supplied when your service is activated) for details of your Montimedia email address.

Web Space and additional email addresses

Once your dial up service has been activated, you must request that your personal non-commercial webspace is activated and also if you are requiring an additional email box.