Naked ADSL


The solution is to “Churn”, an escape route that lets you change providers without loss of service. Montimedia makes the move as easy as possible.

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What is a Naked DSL plan?

Naked DSL is super-fast broadband that lets you stop paying for a phone line. You’ll save money by not paying monthly fixed phone line rental OR local & STD calls – they are included in this new plan.

Naked ADSL2+ is only provided to customers who currently have an active copper line (Customer must be able to make AND receive phone calls).

The Naked ADSL2+ plan is provided as an Unbundled Local Loop Line (ULL) only.

BONUS – Now includes Unlimited local calls, national AND Mobile calls within Australia.


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    • Unlimited Downloads
    • Line Rental Included
    • Local Calls Included
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    • Mobile Calls Included
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Plan Summary

The following is a list of common questions, scenarios, or rules that are applicable to new Naked ULL service throughout the duration of the service

What type of telephone service can I order a service on?
Only a standard PSTN service with Telstra, Optus or other ULL provider can be transferred.Complex telephony services such as Duet and multi-line should not be transferred.Premises serviced via alternate telephony or broadband products (HCF/Cable, ISDN, Pair Gain/RIM)
are ineligible for Naked services. A copper PSTN line will be required.

Will I lose my existing phone number?.
Possibly – you may lose your existing phone number and be reissued a with a new one unless you have an existing Optus ADSL service, OR another ULL provider on Optus DSLAM technology.

Can I have a new service on an address that has no phone line installed?
No, you must have a new service installed, and order a new phone line with us before you are eligible to order a Naked service. The standard fees for a new home phone line would also apply in this case. More information on these charges are listed here.

How long does it take for the order to complete?
Typical completion time on Nakedn orders (new & transfer) is a minimum of 14 days, however in some cases, the order can take up to 4 weeks to complete. Iinstallation dates cannot guaranteed.

When will the voice & DSL be cut across?
The Voice & DSL is activated on the same date, so there shouldn’t be any wait between a voice order becoming active and the DSL service becoming active.

What sort of downtime can I expect when transferring?
The downtime is expected to be minimum 1 hour, up to a full business day.

This plan has a free activation of service, so in the event of the service fault or delayed activation, the customer is ineligible to claim CSG where a fault restoration time or service activation exceeds normal response times. If the CSG is taken then there activation for the service is $125.00

Which telecommunications companies can I transfer services from?
We can transfer a voice & DSL from the following ULL Particpants
· Agile / Internode
· iPrimus / Primus
· iiNet / Chime Communications
· MCI Worldcom / Verizon
· Powertel
· Soul / TPG
· Symbio
· Telecorp / Go Talk
· Telstra

Note: the above is an indicator of service providers utilising Optus DSLAM infrastructure, and is not a guarantee you would already connected to an Optus DSLAM.

Are there any other additional fees that may apply?
See below Additonal Service Options & Charges section.

What happens if the service is terminated before contract end date?
Early termination fees apply – refer to Additonal Service Options & Charges section.

Please log in to your Account Toolbox. to keep track of your monthly usage and other great features to help manage your account with us.

Other Important Plan Information

Important Information

This plan is only available to new customers who currently have an existing “active” copper line. and all other services including existing voice, fax, etc will be sacrificed when this service is installed.

Additonal Data is available as an option once Monthly Allowance has been used and is charged at $3.30 per GB, in GB Allotments.

All ADSL plans are provided as Internet Grade “Best Efforts” services and are shown in downstream/upstream format and speeds are theoretical network maximum speeds.

Actual speeds may be less due to a number of factors including network configuration, line quality & length, exchange type, customer premises interference, traffic and equipment.

AUP may be enforced if it is shown that an individual service is impacting on quality of Network, Abuse, or in breach of material terms.

Naked ADSL2+ is only available in the geographical areas which are covered by the Optus ADSL2+ Network.

Provision of Naked ADSL2+ is subject to Service Qualification Check upon registration. Naked ADSL2+ application takes approximately 14 to 28 working days for the connection to occur, depending on your location

ADSL Speed : Up to 24 Megabits down, 1 megabit up.
Note: Speeds are dependent on customer equipment, line condition and distance from exchange. Minimum acceptable speeds 110 Kilobytes down, 19 Kilobytes up.

Home Phone Features:
Call Waiting
Silent number
Calling Number Display
Caller ID (present, hide)
Call Return
3 Way Call
Selective Call Accept
Call Divert All

Naked Service Processing Times:Transfer: 14-28 Working Days New Service: 14 – 28 Days

Plans & Pricing

Current plans, rates and pricing are published on the Montimedia web site and unused calls, hours or data, will not carry over to the next month.

Plans, rates and pricing may change from time to time. We will provide you with a least 30 days notice, to the e-mail address you have nominated, of any changes that in our opinion may adversely affect your service.

Promotional plans may be subject to special conditions as per the Montimedia Website

We may or may not notify you of new plans and pricing in future that do not directly affect your active service/s. You must send an email to to request plan changes.

All prices quoted include GST and are subject to change without notice


Dynamic IP address – a Static IP address is available for $4.00 per month additonal cost.

Bring your own ADSL device – Choose the device that suits your needs – bring your own or buy one from us at a competitive rate – see our price list for details.

5 mailboxes included.

5 MB Web space included (for personal non-commercial use only).

Additional Notes

ADSL account application notes

When you apply for ADSL, you should be aware of certain obligations and conditions once the order form is received by Montimedia.

Firstly, please be aware that when you sign the application form you are signing to say that you acknowledge and accept the Montimedia Terms and Conditions. Please call us if you would like any help interpreting this document.

The Montimedia ADSL Early Termination fee

The Home ADSL service is normally provisioned within 5 working days and activated by Montimedia no later than 7 days thereafter at which time Montimedia will commence billing the customer. Customers wishing to terminate their ADSL service with Montimedia prior to the end of the contract term are liable to pay an early termination fee of $125.00.

We strongly advise that you contact us to discuss any pending changes to your service prior to making those changes.

Traffic Management Policy – Summary

We reserve the right to implement traffic management policies to ensure minority of heavy users do not affect the service for the majority of users on the network. It is known that 5% of users account for around 70% of data downloaded at peak times. This obviously impacts the majority of users and as such we reserve the rights to traffic manage specific customers download speeds during peak periods to improve the service for other users.

The network is monitored daily on how much data users download during the peak times of the day. From this analysis we can identify the small number of users who are trying to download excessive amounts of data over a small period of time and the even smaller number of users who are downloading vast amounts of data constantly during peak times. Both types of behaviour can be at the detriment of service to the vast majority of users on the network. We reserve the right to traffic manage these users during peak times depending upon the behaviour of the customers in question.

To ensure that all users receive the appropriate level of service at peak times we will limit customers who have downloaded an excessive amount of data during a one hour period of the peak time frame. These customers may be limited on a one off basis to 512Kbit/s for the remainder of the peak period for that day or month depending on their plan. The peak period is specified by plan type and may vary from time to time.

Full Copy Here


Montimedia recommends monthly credit card payments as any requested changes to services (such as changing Plan) can only be actioned at the start of the next billing period, as per our Terms and Conditions. Also, if selecting quarterly invoicing, the first quarterly service charge plus activation fee and any hardware charges must be paid in full before Montimedia can activate the service – please talk to us if you require further information.

For monthly accounts, the setup fee, hardware and first monthly fee will be charged to your Credit Card upon service activation. Montimedia accepts cash, cheque, money orders and major credit cards to pay an invoice. Montimedia services are non-refundable.


Tax invoices, Montimedia News & Updates are sent to your Montimedia email address.
Please refer to the configuration email (supplied when your service is activated) for details of your Montimedia email address.

Web Space and additional email addresses

Once your ADSL service has been activated, you must request that your personal non-commercial webspace is activated and also if you are requiring an additional email box.

Service Options and Charges
Phone Line Features



Line Rental


$0.00 – Included

Local Calls


$0.00 – Included

National Calls to Landlines

Per minute

$0.00 – Included

National Calls to Mobiles

Any Network 24/7

$0.00 – Included

Flagfall (on calls within Australia)

Connection Charge

$0.00 – Included

Flagfall (on calls within Australia)

Connection Charge

$0.00 – Included

Calls to top 10 international landline destinations

See Top Ten

20 cents per minute*

1300 and 13 numbers

33 cents per call

* Billed per second, rounded to the nearest 15 seconds, with a 35 cent Flagfall.
DSL Service Charges & Features
Transfer (Churn) an existing Naked Service to Montimedia


Services on Optus or other ULL providesr can be transferred for free.
Early termination fee


Charged if the customer terminates the service prior to the completion of the 12 month committment.
Cancellation fee (after order is placed but prior to service being activated)


Charged if the customer terminates the order prior to the activation of the and completion of the installation.
Request for the reversal of service


If you request the service to be reversed to a prior state after activation.
Change of phone number


When you request your allocated phone number to be changed.
Relocation of service


When you request yourservice be moved to another address.
Service directory listing


If you would like your number listed in traditional phone directories.
Incorrect call out fee


Charged if a technician is requested to visit premises for service fault but fault lies within customer premises or equipment.
Static IP Address (per IP Address)


Charged per month.
Netcomm NB6 Modem Router Ethernet (ADSL1/2+ support)


Fully featured ADSL2+ Broadband Modem for super fast Internet access * Single port Ethernet connection * Built in firewall * VPN pass-through * UPnP and QoS
Netcomm NB6W Plus 4 Modem Router Ethernet – Wireless (ADSL1/2+ support)


Fully featured ADSL2+ broadband Modem for super fast Internet access * 4 Ethernet LAN ports * 11g/54Mbps wireless * Built in firewall * VPN pass-through * UPnP and QOSAdditional product information (NETCOMM Website)
Modem Delivery


Optional Customer Premises Equipment

Netcomm EM1550 Line Filter/Splitter