Better Choice Business Bundle

Montimedia is able to cater for either Home, Small or Medium sized businesses with an all inclusive Internet and phone bundle that allows you to control your monthly communications budget.

When you bundle your business broadband service with our phone service you will have an all inclusive single cost for superfast ADSL2+ speed Internet, line rental, local calls, national calls & calls to any network mobiles within Australia – all for $160.00 per month.

  • Better Choice Biz

    Features - Included Standard Calls & 250GB Fast Internet

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    / mo.
    • 250 GB Downloads
    • National Calls Included
    • Line Rental Included
    • Local Calls Included
    • Calls to Mobile Included
    • Static IP Included
    • 20 Mailboxes Included

      Minimum cost over 12 month contract is $2019.00
    • 1 GB Web Space
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Minimum total cost over a 12 month contract on the Better Choice Bundle plan is $2019.00 (12 x ($34.00 monthly broadband plan fee + $126.00 monthly Phone fee) + $99 connection fee). Please note a telephone connection fee may apply. This does not include the cost of any associated hardware.

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Package Details – $160.00 per Month *


  • ADSL2+ Fast Internet with 250 GB of data – no peak or off-peak limits
  • Included Local, National & Mobile calls to any network in Australia included 1
  • Static IP Address
  • 20 Mailboxes
  • 1GB Webspace
  • Keep your current telephone numbers (excluding some Optus services)
  • Have the convenience of one bill for telephone and internet service.


1 Excludes Local calls that are forwarded from the service, National calls that are forwarded, Mobile calls that are forwarded, 13/1300 calls, International calls and other premium service numbers such as 19, 0198 and 1800 numbers. (standard rates apply)

* Excludes any connection costs or hardware

Better Choice Business Bundle Phone Details

Details Description Amount
Plan Term 12 Months Monthly
Line Rental Standard Included
Local Calls Untimed Included
Flagfall/Call Connection (on International calls) Connection Charge 35 cents
National Calls to Landlines Per minute Included
National Calls to Mobiles Any Network 24/7 Included
Calls to top 10 international landline destinations See Top Ten Below 20 cents per minute*
1300 and 13 numbers 35 cents per call

We offer a 24 hour 7 day a week flat rate from your home phone to the following top 10 international landline calling destinations:

Top Ten International Calling Destinations
1. Canada 6. Netherlands
2. France 7. New Zealand
3. Germany 8. Singapore
4. Hong Kong 9. United Kingdom
5. Ireland 10. United States of America

The top 10 international destination call rates only apply to international landline service numbers.

For calls to international mobile service numbers please refer to International call cost table.

Refer to the International call cost table for the call rates to other countries.

Voice Connection Details

Details Description Amount
Telephone line connection
A working telephone socket exists from a previous connection and a Telstra technician is not required to visit your property or premises.
Telstra Fee $69.95
Telephone line connection with a technician visit
A previous telephone service existed at your premises and a Telstra technician is required to visit your property / premises to reconnect existing suitable cabling at the distributor and /or the first socket.
Telstra Fee $144.95
Telephone line connection
(a) New telephone line connection – a telephone service has not previously been connected at your property or premises (although we may have previously installed cabling to your property or premises and you may be able to hear a dial tone); or (b) Telephone line connection with a technician visit with cabling work – a previous telephone service existed at your property or premises and one of our technicians is required to visit your property or premises to install and/or work on the cabling up to the first socket in the property or premises.
Telstra Fee $339.95
Messagebank Monthly $6.00
Caller Number Display Monthly $6.00
Silent Number Monthly $3.00
FaxStream Duet (with number) Monthly $8.00

Important Notes

1. This package must be maintained with both services and on an ADSL2+ connection to qualify. Cancellation of one service will mean that the remaining service will revert to full pricing for that particular service.

2. Available to most business customers.

3. Both uploads and downloads count towards your monthly download quota.

4. Additional charges may apply for items such as cabling past the first socket, trenching or more difficult installations.

5. If the use of our Better Choice Bundled plan is excessive or unreasonable we will notify the user and switch the user to a more appropriate plan. If notification has been made for excessive or unreasonable use Montimedia reserves the right to limit, cancel or suspend the service. We may assess abnormal usage based upon comparisons to the usage patterns and levels of our other customers. * Unlimited calling and other services for all residential plans are based upon normal residential use by single-family household members. Bundled Business plan is intended solely for normal commercial use by small businesses and home offices.

6. Pricing is correct as of 27/08/12 and may be subject to changes.

ADSL Connection Details

Details Description Amount
New ADSL connection Once off charge when a new ADSL service is ordered $99.00
Fast Transfer The churn process lets you switch from your current provider to Montimedia with very little downtime – generally 1 – 2 hours. The process usually only takes 3 business days to complete with participating ISP’s. $35.00
New ADSL Modem NB604 4 Port Modem or NB604N Wireless Modem $75.00 or $125.00
ADSL Line Speed Change Charged if the customer wishes to vary the ADSL line speed to a lower or higher speed.(Any changes requested take effect at start of next billing period) $35.00
ADSL Plan Change That is changing plans to a higher or lower plan on the same line speed.(Any changes requested take effect at start of next billing period) Free
Additional Data It’s a bit of extra quota added to your monthly allowance if you do happen to go over. It brings you back to full-speed access when you want it and is available for ordering via your Account Toolbox. $3.30 Gb

Other Important Information

  • Payment for business phone and ADSL services are pro rata in advance and monthly invoices are payable within 14 days from date of invoice. All prices include GST. Our terms and conditions and billing policy are available online and form part of our standard terms and conditions.
  • After the initial contract has expired the service will be continued month by month until cancelled.
  • 30 days notice of cancellation is required in writing.
  • Early disconnection fee of $125.00 applies to Contract services.
  • If you cancel the Service before the minimum Term ends, you must pay back any discounts or special offers you received to sign up for that Term.
  • Montimedia reserves the right to immediately pass on any supplier price increase with 5 days notice.
  • All applications for the service are subject to a Montimedia credit assessment and acceptance. Montimedia supplies these services to you on the terms of our standard terms and conditions.