International Mobile Roaming

When overseas, International Roaming usage charges apply outside of your monthly call allowance
For an Optus Mobile service please refer to
For Telstra Mobile service please refer to

Activating international roaming

This can be activated and deactivated by calling our Support team on 1300 79 49 69 or by sending an email to or by completing our Customer Contact Form at any time.

Things to be aware of

  • Roaming charges are not included in your monthly plan included value.
  • Roaming charges apply to both incoming and outgoing calls whilst overseas and roaming.

You may check your usage via your Account Toolbox. Please note though that there may be a slight delay in call data records coming from our mobile carrier Optus.

Further information

A handy place to find out about International Roaming can be found here ACMA International Mobile Roaming.