Spend Management Tools

Montimedia Internet has various spend management tools that you can use to help you monitor your spend and prevent bill shock. All of our spend management tools are free of charge except call control which is $6 per month.

Below we have explained the available spend management tools. If you would like to know more about them or would like to discuss the best options to meet your needs please call our customer support team on 1300 79 49 69.

The following tools are available:

View Your Usage Online

You can login to your Account Toolbox area at any time and view a breakdown of your usage and charges. Your usage report is update daily with the previous days data.

Please note, the usage shown relies on data that is not always reported in real time. Where there is a time delay, fast usage cannot always be caught.

You should also bear in mind that usage made whilst roaming (outside of Australia) and charges that are billed by third party and/or premium rated services can sometimes be considerably delayed. We rely on receiving the information from third parties, and therefore this tool is not suitable for monitoring usage of these services.

Unbilled Account Credit Limit

This is the amount of money you are able to spend over and above your access fee. All Montimedia accounts have a default unbilled account credit limit of $300. This means that we
monitor your usage throughout the month and when your usage cost reaches $300 we will send you an email letting you know. If you want to continue using your service for the rest of the month you will need to confirm this by making a payment that will bring your amount owed below $300. If you want to cap your spend at this level, you can do this by ignoring the notification and allowing your service to become suspended 24 hours after the email is sent.

The unbilled credit limit tool monitors usage only and not your access charges. For example, if you have a monthly access charge of $99 and your usage reaches $300 your next month’s bill will be $399. This measurement tool relies on data that is not always reported in real time. The usage detector can be delayed for up to 48 hours, but does work as close to real time as we are able to achieve.

Please also note that calls made whilst roaming (outside of Australia) and charges that are billed by third party and/or premium rated service rely on Montimedia receiving the information from these parties, and that information can be considerably delayed. This tool is not therefore suitable for those services.

You can reduce the default amount at any time, to any multiple of $50. The minimum amount is $50, the maximum amount is $300. You can do this in one of two ways:

1. Log into your Account Toolbox area and adjust the credit limit yourself
2. Call our customer service department on 1300 79 49 69 and we will adjust the limit for you

Restriction of Services

If you want to restrict your services to prevent specific call types from being made for example premium/ international calls, you can do this by contacting our customer service department. Please note that this can be done, but is not a tool that can be turned on and off at regular intervals. We cannot change your access more than once per month.

Call Control

Call control is a tool that can be set up on your voice service to restrict the calls that are being made. You will be required to add a pin number to make calls. This allows you to be sure that only people that you want using the service are using it, and will protect you from large bills that are caused by other people in your house using your service. This is a special feature and costs $6 per month.

Suspension on Threshold

You can request that your Mobile Broadband/Mobile Phone service is setup to suspend on threshold. The tool allows you to have your services suspended once you reach the threshold of your included value, thus preventing additional usage charges.

Fixed Cost Plans

If you are eligible you could choose from one of our fixed cost plans. For example our Full Monty mobile plans, (excluding any optional premium and international calls), our ADSL plans or our  any of mobile broadband services. By choosing a fixed cost plan you will know how much you will be paying each month and ensure that you never have bill shock.