Truly Unlimited ADSL plans


These plans have been designed to provide the “heavy” internet user, who makes up over 90% of all internet users with a product that has no additional monthly fees or speed shaping restrictions.

What’s the catch – can anyone have access to these plans?

YES – No catches or special requirements to get these plans.

What do I get with a “TRULY UMLIMITED” Plan?

A “TRULY UNLIMITED” plan comes with unlimited data usage. This means there is unlimited usage for browsing and downloading from the internet with no extra costs or charges.

What is AUP?

As part of our aim to provide a quality service at a reasonable price to all our users, we have implemented this Policy to ensure that each subscriber’s use of the Service: Meets legal requirements; does not unreasonably interfere with other subscribers; and does not unreasonably impact on our ability to provide the Service.

AUP may be enforced if it is shown that an individual service is impacting on quality of Network, Abuse, or in breach of material terms.

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Freedom UNLIMITED Plans


Monthly Data Allowance

Plan Speed

Monthly Cost

Monthly Cost Bundled 3

Freedom Light










Freedom Plus UNLIMITED


Up to 20Mbps
Up to 8Mbps



Additional Information1This line speed is 256Kbps down and 64Kbps up.2This line speed is 1500Kbps down and 256Kbps up.3 When bundled with one of our Voice services.4If available to your exchange the ADSL2+ line speed will be selected otherwise the 8Mbps line speed will be used.24 Month Committment has a free setup costs (normally $99.00) (excludes any hardware costs)6 Month Committment has a once off setup of $99.00(excludes any hardware costs) 
Sign up for 24 months and saveWhen you take a broadband plan on a 24 month contract, we would like to thank you for that committment and will provide you with free connection.Peak, Off Peak and Shaping InformationIf you exceed your monthly quota, we simply slow down to 72 Kbps (shape) your download speeds for the remainder of your billing month. You can request additional data for a small fee to get you over the hump.Peak Period = 8am – 1am AEST
Off Peak Period = 1am – 8am AESTService Specifications

  • All ADSL plans are provided as Internet Grade “Best Efforts” services and are shown in downstream/upstream format and speeds are theoretical network maximum speeds.

Actual speeds may be less due to a number of factors including network configuration, line quality & length, exchange type, customer premises interference, traffic and equipment.

Tasmania ADSL 256/64 & 1500/256 services will incur an additional $3 monthly surcharge fee, 8Mbps and ADSL2+ Services will incur an additional $10 monthly surcharge fee.

AUP may be enforced if it is shown that an individual service is impacting on quality of Network, Abuse, or in breach of material terms.

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Other Important Information

Uploads are not counted in Freedom plans. Uploads & Downloads are counted in Freedom Plus plans.

ADSL services are non-refundable.

You must be 18 years old or over to connect to a Montimedia internet service

Usage is based on the amount of data transferred through your broadband connection (downloading only for 1.5 plans). Every month, your usage resets on your ‘anniversary date’ – the day of the month on which your account was first enabled.

For all plans speeds are theoretical network maximum speeds. Actual speeds may be less due to a number of factors including network configuration, line quality and length, exchange type, customer premises interference, traffic and equipment. For example about 70% of customers on the 8000kbps service can access speeds around 6000kbps or more.

If off-peak data allowance is exceeded, the excess will dip into the peak data allowance. All plans are speed shaped to 72/72Kbps after the peak data allowance has been reached. (Off-peak from 1am – 8am)

Plans & Pricing

Current plans, rates and pricing are published on the Montimedia web site and unused calls, hours or data, will not carry over to the next month.

Plans, rates and pricing may change from time to time. We will provide you with a least 30 days notice, to the e-mail address you have nominated, of any changes that in our opinion may adversely affect your service.

Promotional plans may be subject to special conditions as per the Montimedia Website

We may or may not notify you of new plans and pricing in future that do not directly affect your active service/s. You must send an email to to request plan changes.

All prices quoted include GST and are subject to change without notice


Dynamic IP address – a Static IP address is available for $4.00 per month additonal cost.

All Operating Systems covered

Bring your own ADSL device – Choose the device that suits your needs – bring your own or buy one from us at a competitive rate – see our price list for details.

5 mailboxes included.

5 MB Web space included (for personal non-commercial use only).

Additional Notes

ADSL account application notes

When you apply for ADSL, you should be aware of certain obligations and conditions once the order form is received by Montimedia.
Firstly, please be aware that when you sign the application form you are signing to say that you acknowledge and accept the Montimedia Terms and Conditions. Please call us if you would like any help interpreting this document.

The Montimedia ADSL Early Termination fee

The Home ADSL service is normally provisioned within 5 working days and activated by Montimedia no later that 7 days thereafter at which time Montimedia will commence billing the customer. Customers wishing to terminate their ADSL service with Montimedia prior to the end of the contract term are liable to pay an early termination fee of $150.00.

Automatic ADSL Service Cancellations

Please be aware that your Montimedia ADSL service will be automatically cancelled by Telstra and a new ADSL service will need to be ordered by you (including a new Activation fee) WHEN:

  • When your Telephone account is cancelled.
  • When you shift location (even if taking the same number with you)
  • If you order an ADSL-incompatible product on the line ADSL is delivered on.

We strongly advise that you contact us to discuss any pending changes to your phone service prior to making those changes.

Traffic Management Policy – Summary

We reserve the right to implement traffic management policies to ensure minority of heavy users do not affect the service for the majority of users on the network. It is known that 5% of users account for around 70% of data downloaded at peak times. This obviously impacts the majority of users and as such we reserve the rights to traffic manage specific customers download speeds during peak periods to improve the service for other users.

The network is monitored daily on how much data users download during the peak times of the day. From this analysis we can identify the small number of users who are trying to download excessive amounts of data over a small period of time and the even smaller number of users who are downloading vast amounts of data constantly during peak times. Both types of behaviour can be at the detriment of service to the vast majority of users on the network. We reserve the right to traffic manage these users during peak times depending upon the behaviour of the customers in question.

To ensure that all users receive the appropriate level of service at peak times we will limit customers who have downloaded an excessive amount of data during a one hour period of the peak time frame. These customers may be limited on a one off basis to 512Kbit/s for the remainder of the peak period for that day or month depending on their plan. The peak period is specified by plan type and may vary from time to time.

Full Copy Here


Montimedia recommends monthly credit card payments as any requested changes to services (such as changing Plan) can only be actioned at the start of the next billing period, as per our Terms and Conditions. Also, if selecting quarterly invoicing, the first quarterly service charge plus activation fee and any hardware charges must be paid in full before Montimedia can activate the service – please talk to us if you require further information.

For monthly accounts, the setup fee, hardware and first monthly fee will be charged to your Credit Card upon service activation. Montimedia accepts cash, cheque, money orders and major credit cards to pay an invoice. Montimedia services are non-refundable.


Tax invoices, Montimedia News & Updates are sent to your Montimedia email address.
Please refer to the configuration email (supplied when your service is activated) for details of your Montimedia email address.

Web Space and additional email addresses

Once your ADSL service has been activated, you must request that your personal non-commercial webspace is activated and also if you are requiring an additional email box.

ADSL Service Options and Charges

Transfer (Churn) an existing ADSL Service to Montimedia


Setup fee charged when taking advantage of the Telstra fast transfer processFor further information about Churn, (please click here)
ADSL Line Speed Change

$35 per change

Charged if the customer wishes to vary the ADSL line speed to a lower or higher speed.(Any changes requested take effect at start of next billing period)ADSL Line Speed Changes can be made via email to
ADSL Plan Change


That is changing plans to a higher or lower plan on the same line speed. One plan change per service is allowed per Month.(Any changes requested take effect at start of next billing period)ADSL Plan Changes can be made via email to
Relocate an Existing Montimedia DSL Service


When you change location (even if you retain the same phone number) you will need to fill out our Change form.
Static IP Address (per IP Address)


Charged per month.
Netcomm NB6 Modem Router Ethernet (ADSL1/2+ support)


Fully featured ADSL2+ Broadband Modem for super fast Internet access * Single port Ethernet connection * Built in firewall * VPN pass-through * UPnP and QoS
Netcomm NB6W Plus 4 Modem Router Ethernet – Wireless (ADSL1/2+ support)


Fully featured ADSL2+ broadband Modem for super fast Internet access * 4 Ethernet LAN ports * 11g/54Mbps wireless * Built in firewall * VPN pass-through * UPnP and QOSAdditional product information (NETCOMM Website)
Modem Delivery


Optional Customer Premises Equipment

Netcomm EM1550 Line Filter/Splitter